Book Cover Design

As an indie or self-published author, the final push to publication means a book cover.  

I provide design services for authors (or small presses, etc), offering a complete cover (front, back and spine).

After letting me know about your book (a short synopsis, genre, and the feel you are looking for in the cover) I will create a design with either images/files you provide, or by creating from scratch.

-- Fee is $275 for completed cover, $50/hour for additional time requested for changes.

-- 50% is due in advance, with the balance due upon delivery. Any additional hours will be billed in increments of $100.

Tips for a smooth process:

  • Have images you'd like to use (please be sure they are public domain or you have paid any licensing/royalties.

  • Be able to provide a concise, brief synopsis that gives a good overview of story and idea of the mood of the book. I cannot read every book I design for!

  • Be clear on the mood/feel you'd like for the cover before starting. Provide some examples of other covers that reflect what you are thinking/what you'd like.

  • I need the trim size and page count.

  • Remember that I cannot see inside your head! So I will never be able to recreate exactly what you may have in there. This can be the most difficult part, but remembering it ahead of time makes the process much simpler!

                                                  *payment via Paypal

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