• Melissa Volker

My Truth.

The world is a shitshow.

The media is officially little more than the magazine rags at the grocery store, headlines crafted for clicks, not to summarize the carefully researched fact-driven article meant to inform as opposed to inflame, incite, enrage. Hysteria breeds attention, breeds quick-clips/short memes/unresearched shares/out-of-context blurbs, breeds hysteria, breeds attention -- round and round we go in a media (social and otherwise) version game of Russian roulette.

I have feelings on that. I have feelings on all of it. I have so many feelings on each and every aspect, side, opinion that I could scream for a week, cry every minute of every day, and not be rid of the ache in my spirit over all of it. I have feelings on it that I’m sure will piss a lot of people off, will have some calling me a liar -- or worse -- (because they cannot fathom how someone can live in the head/heart space I live in for realz), will cause some to unfriend, and many try and argue/counter. I’m stating right now that I don’t care and I’m not interested in any of it.

Why? Why don’t I open it to “conversation”? Because conversations-to-understand are rarely had anymore. Instead we have righteous flag-planting, tantruming