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Delilah of Sunhats and Swans has been available on Amazon.com for a while now. But there's something nice about the idea of standing around a book store, browsing through titles, trailing your finger along the bindings waiting for one to make you pause. Holding the book in your hand. Skimming through pages until you realize you've been standing there, with the same book, reading it for almost ten minutes. That's when you know you want to take that one home.

Until now, no one could ever do that with Delilah. She's been relegated to online perusal where it's easy to skip right by. But as of today, she's available in a great, little local bookshop called "Bodacious Books and Baubles". It is a small, simple little shop that is cozy and inviting, with a couch and coffee table right as you walk in, and simple, rustic wood shelves lined with books from local, indie and self-published authors.

Soon I'll do a reading and signing event there, at which point I will consider Delilah officially, and completely released into the world.

Finally, she's arrived.

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